Track Active Item

Sometimes, when I am thrown onto a new project with a huge Visual Studio solution (containing many projects), I can get a bit lost. This is where the Track Active Item setting in Visual Studio comes in a treat.

Figure 1

It’s the 2nd checkbox on the right pane, when the Projects and Solutions node of the tree on the left has context (as depicted in Figure 1 above).

With this box checked (and it isn’t checked by default), you will know at all times where you are in the solution with a quick glance to Solution Explorer (see Figure 2 below – the file Task.cs is lightly highlighted).

task class file highlighted

And the cool thing is, if you close the current code file, as soon as the next one receives context (assuming you had more than one code file open), you will see Solution Explorer re-arrange itself to scroll the new code file into view. And as a good pommie friend of mine would always say: THAT is the business!

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