Visual Studio Shortcuts – Ones I Use

As with most people in programing, I am a shortcuts guy. They are great enablers. They enable me to work faster. And as I don’t touch type, this is an important productivity gain.

In this post, I want to list out a bunch of my favourite shortcuts. And I plan to update this post from time to time as I discover more great shortcuts. I am not going to bother with the ones everyone should know, like Ctrl+S to save.

I will also distinguish between normal shortcuts and multi-key (chord) shortcuts. Key chords will be depicted with a comma e.g. Ctrl+K, C

Visual Studio 2010

Out of the Box

Shift+Alt+Enter full screen.
F6 Build the whole solution.
Shift+F6 Build only the project which has context.
F7 when clicked on a mark-up window, will display the code-behind/code-file for that mark-up.
Ctrl+D+I brings up the immediates debugging window.
Ctrl+K, C comment out code.
Ctrl+K, U uncomment commented code.
Shift+Delete not only deletes the contents of a line of text, but also
completely removes the line.
Ctrl+W, B view the Bookmarks window.
Ctrl+F4 close the current tab.
Ctrl+K+K toggle creation/removal of a bookmark.
Ctrl+] go to end/start (toggle) of matching brace or region boundary
Ctrl+F6 Puts your cursor in the text editor windows. Useful if you are in a docked windows such as Bookmarks or Immediate.


Ctrl+Shift+L In Solution Explorer, navigates to the file currently being
edited. This great shortcut obviates the need to do this.
Alt+PgDn go to next issue in file.
Alt+PgUp go to previous issue in file.
Shift+Alt+PgDn go to next error in file.
Shift+Alt+PgUp go to previous error in file.
Ctrl+T go to file.
Ctrl+Shift+T go to type.


mark as read.
mark as unread.

As I mentioned at the top of the post, more coming as I discover them.

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