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Currying to Rein in Underscorejs

Whilst I am a big fan of Underscorejs, today I am going to show you a small technique to rein it in. So, first I will show you the problem which I am going to solve.

When you use the Underscorejs methods for manipulating/iterating collections, Underscorejs usually passes in three parameters to the function which you use for the call-back:

  1. the current item being iterated;
  2. the index for that item in the collection; and
  3. the whole collection itself.

The easiest way to verify that, is to put a breakpoint in your function, open the console in either Firebug or Chrome developer tools and type the word arguments (see the following screenshot):


For one reason or another, you may want to confine the arguments which get passed in to the first one. You may be only interested in the item being iterated. And to lock your method down, you may want to effectively block the other 2 parameters from being passed in (note how I keep using the word “may”. Most of the time, you’ll be quite happy to have access to all 3 parameters).

To do that, I am going to write a small helper function which I will call curryOneArgument. That function will use the technique of currying to return a function that will only receive one argument:

var curryOneArg = function(fun) {
        return function(arg) {
            return fun(arg);

Now, all we have to do is wrap our call-back in that new function and we will be restricting that callback to only receive one argument from Underscorejs:

var newColl =, curryOneArg(function (arg) {

And, using the console to verify: