Monthly Archives: September 2012

BatteryFu Badness

Being a little underwhelmed by BatteryFu, I uninstalled it from my old HTC Desire, which was choking on account of a lack of space. Following that, something unexpected transpired. I was left with no 3G Mobile Wireless Access (i.e. no Internet connection).

On close inspection, BatteryFu had left me with an APN Type setting of BatteryFu_Disabled.
I changed this back to default to solve the problem. But really, Battery_fu shame on you!

Team Foundation Could Not Update the Work Item Error

It’s been a while since I used TFS, as I’ve been off-site using Subversion and GIT. I went to check in some code and got the following error message:

For those googling the error, the text is TF237079: Team Foundation could not update the work item because it was already updated by another user, it does not exist, or you do not have permission to update it.
The solution was pretty straight forward. The relevant Task Item, against which I was trying to check the code in, was already open in Source Control Explorer. I just clicked the Refresh button for that Task Item and I was then able to check in the code. And I lived happily ever after. I hope you do too!