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Asus Transformer Prime – Rockin!

I bought an iPad when they were the only tablet available a couple of years back. I remember loving the form factor, but not being completely happy with this instance of it (i.e. the Apple iPad). So I watched and I waited …

… until now; I have purchased an ASUS Transformer Prime. This tablet meets my needs far better than the iPad does (current and past). I’ll explain why with a small, real-world example.

I came in to work one day and my awesome colleague Irina asked me whether I had brought in a particular eBook for her, which I had promised to bring in. I had completely forgotten. Then I remembered that I had it on my Transformer Prime. My first thought was, “Oh man, so close but so far.” But that was because I was so familiar with my iPad, for which it would have not been possible to extract the book from, then and there. I suddenly realised, “Hang on, the Transformer Prime does not have the same limitations as the iPad.” So I deftly whipped out my usb cable, connected up the Transformer Prime to her work PC and voila! It shows up like an external hard drive, with directories navigable via Windows Explorer.

To drive home the point, the target machine would need iTunes to be installed for me to be able to get the data from it. Irina’s computer was locked down, as is often the case in corporate environments. We couldn’t install iTunes. And anyway, why should it be such a hassle?! Your data on your machine should be freely available and navigable. This is why I cannot abide iPad/iPhone.

The sole thing that iPad has over android is the fact that iPad apps are written in native code. Android runs Java, which is a piece of crap. But I have found that the processor speed of the Prime delivers a responsive machine, despite the managed code limitation.

Behold the following screen shots. The file explorer lets you roam freely all over your tablet. Throw caution to the wind with reckless abandon! See what damage you can do. Pull it apart and put it back together again! This is what we geeks have been doing for years. That is the Android way. Ergo, that is why the “Apple way” sux.


Movin' Video Screenshot

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