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Firefox Crashes on 64bit OS – Toshiba Add-On The Culprit

Every now and again, the hardware guys just get in the way. Toshiba created a plugin for Firefox called Automatic password input in fx. Here’s the thing – it doesn’t work on a 64 bit operating system. It totally crashes Firefox. And in a bid to be even more helpful, you cannot uninstall that plugin. But you can do the next best thing – disable it. Here’s how…

1. Go to the start menu and start Firefox(safe mode)
2. Disable all add-ons
The browser should now load in Safe Mode.
3. Go to Tools -> Add-Ons
4. Click the “Extensions” tab
5. Disable the extension called “Automatic password input in Fx1.0”

Firefox Add-Ons

Firefox Add-Ons

You can then close Firefox and start it again normally (i.e. not in Safe Mode). Done.